You can go where few KFC fans have ever been - behind the counter. That's right, we're opening our kitchen doors to give you an exclusive look at how we prepare and cook our fresh, delicious chicken by hand every day.

You'll go on a half-hour tour, showing you how we carefully prepare fresh produce and every piece of chicken by hand. You'll see the exact same technique the Colonel himself set out nearly 80 years ago!

After watching all those Finger Lickin' goods being prepped and cooked we reckon you'll be hungry, so we'll shout you a Quarter Pack or burger combo. Register now to attend your preferred KFC Open Kitchen!

No, there are a selected number of stores in New Zealand participating in Open Kitchens. Unfortunately not all our kitchens are big enough to safely accommodate more people in the kitchen while the store is operating.

Is every store participating in Open Kitchen?

In the drop down box, select a time and location that best suits you. We’ll contact you via email to inform whether you will the Open Kitchen Tour with further information. Make sure you agree to the Terms and Conditions as well. Be sure to rock up on time and bring your registration email on the day!

So what do I have to do?

Obviously, there are a lot of hot and sharp things in the kitchen, so you have to wear long pants and flat non-slip shoes to participate.

What should I wear?

Unfortunately, health and safety regulations mean that electronic devices like phones and cameras can’t be used during the tour. But feel free to snap a selfie with your feed afterwards. 

Can I take photos or videos on the tour? 

Yes, we’ll still be serving customers while you’re behind the scenes, so you’ll get to see first-hand what happens when you place an order. 

Will these KFC stores be operating as normal during the tours?

Sorry, but keeping little ones safe has to take priority, so kids under the age of 18 can’t take the tour.

Can I bring my child on the tour?

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